Boost up your radio advertising business!

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Make your radio business reach new dimensions.

With our platform amy radio stations & marketers will exploit new sources of revenues

How is it done?

Radio advertising is now automated & programmatically bookable, enriched with data,  in sync with online audio and harmoniously embedded in your today’s business models.

Programmatic for Radio

Programmatic Buying & Programmatic for Radio. 

Radio Advertising bookable via DSPs , on par with other digital media. 

, real time. 

Online booking platform

I/O (Insert Order) radio advertising directly bookable via online booking platform amy

The “classic way” of radio booking – now automated and online. 

24/7, real time. 

Customer web portal

Your offer directly connected to your customers: customer web portal. 

Audio workflow, reporting, direct communication, etc. 


Advantages & Benefits

Creating new income
Expand in programmatic business, without replacing your current business processes and/or  other sources of monetization (national sales house, your own sales team). Programmatic & Automated Advertising: A way of creating new income 

Low level barrier 
Simply give it a try .Get convinced by conducting a proof-of-concept  suitable to your market, get direct connection to our external platform in-the-cloud.  It doesn’t take much effort and cost. 

Harmoniously embedded in your daily business
Directly connected your third party systems (campaign management & radio automation).
No changes needed in your software systems. All you need is a modern API.

For publishers & marketers

  1. Directly connected to the systems of the publisher (campaign management & radio automation). 
  2. Directly controlled by the campaign manager (prices, conditions and availabilities). 
  3. Immediate availability of inventory and bookings. 24/7. (Near) real-time. 
  4. Easy to connect. All existing processes and monetization channels remain unaffected. 
  5. Audio ad server – mapping of the complete audio workflow incl. checking, conversion, distribution and clearing (approval by all stakeholders). 

For media agencies & advertisers

  1. Programmatic radio inventory bookable via popular DSP. Parallel to other digital media. 
  2. I/O purchasing via an online booking platform. Direct implementation of I/O advertising campaigns. 
  3. Diverse targeting options – also in radio. 
  4. Direct access to publishers and marketers. Effectively reach the target audience electronically and directly. 
  5. Web portal and dashboard for communication and reporting. 

And by the way

You are looking for a new campaign management system? Cross media (also convergent), integrated and audio-proof? Have a look at amily

amily manages radio, online audio, display and now also tv ad inventory & campaigns in only one system.  amily is directly linked to amy and offers automation that enables the management of free inventories, floor prices and the automated booking process. 

amy – your chance to exploit new sources of revenue!

Interested in learning more? Just contact us:

Phone: +49 40 308 51 56-10

 amy GmbH, Alstertor 9, 20095 Hamburg, Germany 


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